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                                                                              The Natural Selection   Plants designed by nature to thrive in your garden  

       Plant Order delivers the best choice of plants for Sydney direct to your garden


What Plant Order  can do to help you make your garden look fantastic.

 Plant Order has a range of plants available that nature has selected to survive with less water and require less maintenance.

 We can replenish your drought stricken garden with a smart selection of quality water wise plants that are guaranteed to grow successfully for you.

 With correct soil conditions, once established with care they will bring your garden back to life.

 Do-it-Yourself  or have your new garden professionally designed and get our qualified Horticulturists to plant them for you.

 we design a plan for your new garden

 A brand new landscaped garden, custom designed and made just for your property, will improve the beauty & value of your home.

landscape design   garden makeovers   garden maintenance

plants that will survive where you live

 For the best results, have a qualified horticulturist plant the best looking quality plants that are selected to grow well in your area.

ground covers   indoor/shade   hedging   features   climbers   trees

 enjoy an improved living environment

 You can now have a beautiful garden despite the water restrictions that will give you lasting joy & improve your living environment.

horticultural services   planting guide   carbon trading  implant is the time to plant......the air and soil is cooler......the plants will focus on root growth......our plants are guaranteed to up the planet.....plants absorb greenhouse gases......


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